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Oral cancer can be tested/diagnosed in three ways at our office:

1.  Clinically (biopsies can always be done at our office using a laser)
2.  Identifi (our wand)
3.  MOP (Molecular Oral Pap) Test-a preventive genetic oral cancer screening

What is the MOP test?

The MOP is a very complex, innovative genetic test.  It tests for oral cancer in three ways.

1. Cell abnormalities-changes to your cells could mean a precancerous condition or infection exists.
2. HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)-while HPV can lead to some cases of oral cancer, your HPV infection may clear up on its own.  In either case, we would monitor you to find out and test you more frequently if an infection tends to linger.
3. DNA damage-people with certain DNA damage seem to be at a higher risk for oral cancer.  These abnormalities don’t mean you have oral cancer or that you are destined to get it, but we recommend more frequent monitoring just to be safe. The test is a simple swish and gargle of minty mouth wash. Once the mouth wash has been gargled for 30 seconds, you can spit it out into a test cup. It’s that simple!

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